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FBI probes whereabouts of San Bernardino shooters after massacre

FBI probes whereabouts of San Bernardino shooters following massacre - Yahoo News

Los Angeles (AFP) - Federal investigators inside California appealed for the public's assist on Tuesday within piecing collectively the particular whereabouts in the San Bernardino shooters during a quick period associated with time following your massacre.

David Bowdich, head in the FBI office inside Los Angeles, said that although investigators had mostly established the particular movements involving Syed Farook and his awesome wife Tashfeen Malik around the day with the massacre December 2, there were 18 minutes unaccounted regarding after the shooting in which left 14 folks dead and also 22 injured.

He stated investigators are already unable to determine where the couple had been in between 12:59 pm as well as 1:17 pm.

The period falls involving the period of the shooting, which in turn happened in 10:59 am, and furthermore the occasion the pair has been spotted through police and died in a firefight in around 4 pm.

"So why is usually that 18 minutes consequently important?" Bowdich told a new press conference. "It's important simply because we want for you to make specific that we know whether that they stopped from just about any locations, just about any residences, virtually any companies that we do not know already about."

He stated it was possible that the couple in your program of individuals 18 minutes could have got stopped with a storage facility or had experience of someone.

"We just don't know," Bowdich said. "It might not be a significant fact, nevertheless until we near which gap we don't know."

He stated investigators had decided that after the attack the pair drove round the San Bernardino area, exactly where they lived, stopping at a range of locations, including a new lake.

Bowdich said a new research of the lake had produced absolutely nothing linked towards the investigation.

He also extra that even however the assault, the deadliest terror attack in the United States Regarding America since September 11, 2001, ended up being download clash of clans hack tool apparently inspired by foreign terrorist networks, there was zero indication of a direct connect to a particular group.

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Milk in homeopathy, a spiritual perspective of the homeopathic lac remedies


Human Milk: the hyperlink among spirit and also matter

The maternal milk provides the child with the required fatty acids pertaining to physical development and also integration of nervous along with metabolic systems.

Above as bellow, with a physical degree communication can be proven between the upper pole, the nervous system, and additionally the lower pole, the actual metabolic system. By Means Of the heart, the rhythmic system, as mother feeds little one there can be certainly an energetic exchange between the mothers heart chakra and furthermore the babys thymus gland throughout his upper heart chakra.

Milk, our first food, sustains and also nourishes us both bodily and also emotionally. From a unconscious level it is our link towards the mother archetype. and even even though it brings us closer for you to our very own mother, additionally, it contains the initial behavioral instinct in the direction of independence.

In the particular spiritual globe there is absolutely no require or even want: we feed ourselves. In the Program Of our gestation period we get been fed on an ongoing schedule without having to encounter any kind of want as well as lack. In birth, we now have to make the actual transition: we're no more at unity using our mother, we understand separation, and which we encounter need. need regarding completion, require being physically fed. With your psychological level it is which this separation in which enables us to ultimately develop our individuality. With Out it we wouldnt end up being mindful of our own existence as individuals.

In the actual Lac remedies we've individuality versus collective. Inside the human milk remedies, Lac Humanum, Lac Maternum and Colostrum the actual mothers milk can be providing the baby using the required etheric along with warmth forces for your recently incarnated soul to end up being able to really feel safe along with protected so as to help incarnate and to carry his/her individual spiritual blue prints into the physical world. the link between mother as well as infant will be heart/thymus based, with almost all the mammary glands getting located within the upper a part of trunk suggesting an even more spiritualized link then a gut, instinctual connection of many mammals.

In the particular animal Lacs this link is a lot more earthly, linking the new lifestyle to the herd instinct and in addition the Moon forces, the actual animal soul can be collective not necessarily individualised, and in addition the mamae is actually usually situated at the abdomen suggesting the link towards the lower chakras.

On the history of a persons race we now have progressively been shedding our animal naturel along with working in direction of our spiritualisation leaving the density regarding make the difference as well as relocating in direction of the particular light, this ongoing process, which usually offers begun with the fall involving men directly into Earth, necessitates the releasing of mineral, plant, and animal codes that have been grafted into us. A New disease manifests when there are blockages to this shedding process.

Since we humans are mammals, we have a difficult link to the various other mammals, and also the shedding of these specific codes could carry psychological imbalances, depression, feelings regarding abandonment, eating disorders, and also sexual dysfunctions which may be healed through the Milk remedies.

Lactation process in various species

There are lots of idiosyncrasies when it arrives for you to breastfeeding on this list of mammals, certainly not all the lactating species possess breasts and also nipples, as well as although feeding can be usually undertaken through the female this isn't usually the situation either.

In the female platypus the particular mammary glands are generally underneath the particular chest, it's got neither breasts nor nipples. The Actual youngster pushes contrary in order to the chest wall together together with his soft, pliable bill, after which licks the particular oozing milk off his mothers skin as well as hair.

In whales the milk glands are beneath their own thick blubber layer, thus protecting the actual milk via cold.

Hippos calves are generally born underwater, as well as nurse underwater. The Actual mother puts her head below drinking water along with boosts the new-born to the surface to breathe. Any time feeding the calf instinctively folds down his ears, closes his nostrils, and also arrives back again towards the surface every twenty for you to forty seconds, in order to breathe also to swallow the actual milk.

In the particular Dyacopterus spadiceus, a species involving fruit bat, lactation could be undertaken by each parents, although the actual male will create much less milk compared to female.

Male goats get also been known to generate milk in occasion although the particular causes of this usually tend to be not yet understood.

In a persons species, your secretion of the mammary glands by the male can also be reported in some instances but this really is typically due to a hormonal imbalance, although there exists a minimal but increasing statement regarding cases where males have been able to successfully generate milk when determined to breastfeed their own babies.

If we define milk as a secretion in the adult regarding species to give their particular offspring, organic beef want to feel about in which some birds in addition create milk to give their own young, such as Emperor Penguins, Flamingos, and also Pigeons, it might be as a result fascinating for you to perform provings upon these bird secretions to always be able to set up which characteristics inside the Lac remedies tend to be certain of the mammal nature, along with which are shared using the bird milks.

Whatever the variations within the milks, there exists a strong hyperlink among mother or father as well as child, the actual vulnerability and also innocence with the youngest versus the oldsters love, wisdom, and also desire for you to protect also to feed.

We might not all become parents within the physical sense, but we now have almost all been children, and furthermore the way we had been fed has left a strong imprint about our psyche. Ultimately we are most children associated with mother Earth, and the way we relate to her, and also whether we believe that we're being appropriately nourished by simply the woman's or even not, will cause us much healing or significantly illness. Thus there is certainly a significant place for that Lac remedies inside causing us in order to be whole, plus helping us to always be able to integrate our spiritual along with our physical nature.

Milk composition

Milk can be made up of sugars, protein and also fat, you will find variations within the percentages of those from species to become able to species, depending on their certain requirements. It can also be altered even inside the same individual to fulfill your developmental needs of the offspring. Species with rapid growth specifications possess a higher protein content material within their milk compared in order to the ones along with slower growth. Species who tend to be required insulation for the cold, possess milk having a higher content associated with fat in order that the particular young can easily rapidly form a new thick coat associated with fat.

Percentage regarding protein along with fat existing inside the milk of the couple of species:

0.9 % Protein

3.8 % Fat

2.1 %Protein

3.0 % Fat

2.9 %Protein

4.5 %Fat

3.4 %Protein

3.7 %Fat

4.0 %Protein

5.0 %Fat

7.0 %Protein

25.1 %Fat

8.5 %Protein

15.8 %Fat

9.2 %Protein

59.8 %Fat

10.6 %Protein

10.8 %Fat

11.9 %Protein

40.9 %Fat

12.5 %Protein

27.0 %Fat

Common denominators for the Lacs as homeopathic remedies:

When we take a glance at milk remedies we are considering pathology caused through the lack of nurturing, especially in the first 7 12 months period, using the emotive body sensation deprived of the regular development and also struggling to transfer upon from the physical requirements expressed throughout the first seven year period when the individual is actually creating the physical physique by means of the actual mineralisation process to end up being able to be able to develop their particular etheric entire body during the next seven year period: seven to fourteen a long time old. from this example many psychological concerns arise involving abusing or just being abused by simply others, along with each among the particular proved milk remedies expresses this theme coloured from the characteristics with the animal that produces the particular milk.

At an actual level, there is a widespread tendency regarding lactose intolerance, skin diseases for example eczema which usually denote a new not enough appropriate boundaries and an avoidance for you to being handled or perhaps held, general assimilation along with digestive problems, poor self-image perception often using the idea that the actual individual is impure, unattractive, inferior to their peers, etc., providing raise for you to concerns with regards to becoming bullied, and customarily abused through others.

Human Milk

Lac Humanum

Human milk offers low casein compared for you to many various other milks, lower than 40%. all mothers milk is steady and almost identical within high quality regardless associated with how malnourished any mother may well be, the particular variation is significantly more about the amount compared to on the quality associated with the milk produced. You will find even so subtle variations in its constitution in order to allow for the specific hungry shark evolution hack coins and gems needs of each infant and for the certain immunoglobulin profile with the mum, reflecting her really own disease history.

Human milk really assists to strengthen the babys physical entire body preparing it pertaining to incarnation regarding his/her unique spiritual blue prints, at exactly the actual same moment as providing any safe platform with regard to creating a feeling of community, comprehending and integration with all humankind about the planet.

In the proving there exists a sensation of floating from your waist up like a hot air balloon about waking, which in turn reflects your insufficient grounding, absent-minded problems in concentrating, 2 wills, also understanding of other bands energies and to their very own atmosphere but unsympathetic for you to other people suffering, delusion as if in a dream, mood swings, dependence/ independence issues with fear of getting alone, lack of self-awareness, anger, excess weight fluctuation, PMS, sadness throughout menses, post natal depression. Any large amount of your signs along with symptoms reflect a insufficient integration within your group, along together with a not enough awareness of any physical body.

Their physical complaints alternate sides. they crave sweets and also starches, chocolate, salt, bacon, ginger, and therefore they could possess consuming disorders. That They tend to be thirstless along with chilly. These People tend to possess cracks throughout corners of mouth, and also encounter nausea through odour regarding food. Pain throughout chest via sternum in order to back can always be a typical symptom.


The first milk secreted after childbirth. This kind of remedy features not necessarily been totally proved and will be also lacking its psychological dimension; we have only info from Clarke about its effects about the digestive system inside the remedy of diarrhoea, bilious colic as well as vomiting.

Lac Maternum

Milk collected coming from nine lactating ladies with a different phases ranging from your colostrum as well as the involution phases associated with lactation, every 1 regarding the high towards the 10th month regarding breastfeeding.

Although you can easily find many commonalities in between Lac Humanum as well as Lac Maternum when it comes to the digestive system and the sensory awareness, there may also be great differences within between your two.

In this remedy there can be a excellent struggle with coming for you to terms with having being incarnated to the physical body. You will find modalities that will recreate physical sensations in the birth process, for example intense strain about the head, neck and upper back, aggravated simply by bending your head forward and also turning it, ameliorated by simply extending the particular head back again and straightening up your body. pressure 1st on a single shoulder then about the other, dislocation of one shoulder. Headache ameliorated simply by rocking again and forth, photo-phobia, not enough appetite along with desire in order to sleep.

In this milk the average person feels hindered through their particular physical physique in attempting to expertise their particular spirituality, and they tend to alternate among engaging and disengaging coming from it, in the continuous dilemma involving Shakespearean proportions regarding Being or even To Not Be, as Hamlet puts it. Even in physical terms, there are the indicators of poor incarnation, showing a lack of solidification, having a tendency in order to easy bleeding, and to watery stools.

According to always be able to Tinus Smits this remedy provides improved eating disorders and also craving for sweets where Sacharum Officinalis provides failed for you to help.

Apes Milk

Lac Primatum

Chimpanzees mirror within their existence what will be the evolution process of a person's race. As babies they are very bright, have got good memory, that they develop and even look similar to the human baby. Because they're going into adulthood his or her animal nature gets to become more evident as they like to walk about fours, losing their particular intelligence and increasingly aggressive and violent.

They use a domed skull together with strong jaws which extend upwards, along with that they will use regarding cracking nuts making use associated with their teeth.

They represent a physique with regards to in order to receive a person's soul, around Lemuria time, the particular ape such as physique we fell directly into deliberately to become able to densify our soul and to go at night veil of forgetfulness. This kind of entire body ended up being prepared using animal genetic codes and also extraterrestrial codes, and also there after we were needed to progressive let go of these animal characteristics. the bodies not really employed for the humans were transferred in to become able to the animal kingdom.

The animal kingdom will be bound in the prison; it is connected to the Moons energy, its team soul and also its animal nature.

The unfortunate expression in the chimpanzees eyes represents the particular missed opportunity, any sense of despair as well as loss, a feeling of entrapment that individuals dont see throughout every other species.

Chimp remedy is indicated when we aren't effectively incarnated within their entire body at the fall as well as need to obvious out previous stages which are nonetheless there.

I also perception the fact that monkeys, and particularly, but not only, Chimpanzees are already employed for decades inside scientific experiments, would have filtered via his or her collective memory along with will possibly be passed right down to their particular offspring in the milk. Not Necessarily merely they arrived to existence to end up being able to serve us humans as vehicles for our incarnation without having had on their particular own for you to possibility to escape his or her collective karma and to gain individuality; nevertheless they are generally nonetheless becoming enslaved these days via horrific, painful as well as terrifying scientific experiments for that benefit of humanity. I feeling there should be an existential conflict in this Lac remedy, to a amount of extent, between having to become bound and also servile for the one who offends as well as frightens them. It is a excellent remedy with regard to destructive lifestyle styles, as well as for addicts credited to its action on the nerves as well as the co-dependence theme.

Cows Milk

Lac Vaccinum

Pasteurized total fat cows milk, the particular largest supply of milk products and also generally consumed simply by humans, unless after they opt for the skimmed version, Lac Defloratum which usually has additionally been proved as a homeopathic remedy.

Nervous System:

When we compare animals along with antlers for example deer to people along with horns for example cows, we observe that the actual antlers are generally projections with the nerves from your skull with the animal in the particular role of antennae along with helping the animal to become about continuous alert to any modifications in its environment as this can spell danger, whereas horns numb the actual central nervous system making your animal more dull, as well as living a dreamlike existence. Sadly we dont have a Deer milk proving to become able to confirm this theory as far because the milks go, however we've Moshus, the actual deer sexual secretion, which has several hysterical symptoms.

It is actually intriguing to note that cows generate milk with a higher amount of serotonin within the evening; this features a calming, soporiferous impact about the calves. This milk substantial throughout serotonin is actually being marketed as beneficial in order to nervous children, together with ADHD as well as hyperactive individuals within general.


There may be great manipulation along with abuse associated with cattle fertility through the dairy as well as the meat industry, with all the outcome that in the final ten many years the meals industry continues in order to be capable of increase the daily milk production of every individual cow by 25% in order to 30%. Cattle has additionally been topic to most or any sorts involving genetic manipulation so as to select breed tender meat from the same occasion as shortening the growth time period of the calf so as to cut back the particular get older at that you will find capable of reproduce. all regarding this has caused a new dramatic rise in cattle infertility both throughout bovine sperm count as well as in uterine along with ovarian abnormalities. These remedy is suitable for you to treat each male and female infertility issues, where additional signs inside the case match the general characteristic in the remedy.

Throughout the actual ages, the cow provides represented fertility, abundance along with nurturing, the particular very best recognized cow deity becoming Hathor inside the Egyptian culture, yet through your progress involving science, we now have now dispensed your cow organic cycle of reproduction, along with developed any false illusion of fertility using the cattle being artificially inseminated, enhancing the infertility charge involving this species.

The proven fact that we humans are usually the only species who have about consuming dairy food right after our childhood, and also our primary source with regard to this is cows milk, might be significant, each inside physiological and in karmic terms.

There is surely an imbalance upon our personal fertility rate, with high fertility rate in cultures in which the fertility goddess, mother earth will be nevertheless venerated and also reduced fertility charge within cultures exactly where naturel can be will zero longer honoured as we attempt to manipulate it through technological as well as scientific advances.

Physical symptoms:

Rubrics found on the homeopathic proving associated with this remedy contain anxiety, irritability and also depression. symptoms be visible on both factors simultaneously. Frequent discharge of huge quantities regarding distinct urine, diabetes, blindness which comes and also goes, rheumatic pains throughout knee, flat white ulcers in tongue, additionally slimy mucus, sharp pain on either side involving sternum, pain that appears simultaneously upon each sides.

Lac Vaccinum Defloratum

This is cows milk exactly where most body fat may be removed, leaving most one other nutrients, nevertheless which helps make it an even more watery, tasteless drink, with a lower caloric content.

It could be fascinating to end up being able to analyse in detail the actual the signs of Lac Vaccinum and also Lac Vaccinum Defloratum in order to establish that signs and also symptoms happen to be altered, intensified, diminished, removed as well as extra by the reality involving removing the fat content material with the milk. in spiritual terms fat deposits is the vehicle for the Astral body, your body of emotions as well as desires, excess fat facilitates de warmth in the soul in order to permeate our physical body, thus your removal of body fat in milk corresponds for the artificial disembodiment in the soul leaving the Astral physique with out an outlay for its expression.

Some in the signs of this remedy are generally concern with narrow places, aversion to become able to company, sadness ameliorated by simply conversation, delusion which the girl pals tend to be dead and the girl or he will will require to become able to go into a convent, suicidal, planning about the easiest way to kill oneself, aversion and also aggravation from milk, chilly. Most signs are produced a whole lot worse via cold and draft, loss associated with sleep, noise, along with motion.

Cats Milk

Lac Felinum

There are usually emotional and also psychological concerns to do together with having to compromise ones integrity as well as dignity in order to always be able to integrate with the additional individuals with the group, be it ones family, or perhaps much more in general, society. These People can be morbidly conscientious using each and also every small fault judged as becoming a crime. There is a distorted perception of their own sexuality, either abusing or becoming abused, manipulative or just being manipulated. The Particular sexual issues are usually concerning incest, with regards to becoming exposed to inappropriate physical contact, and in several cases of having accepted which so as to keep your peace, or even to become able to reside a new comfy material existence as in prostitution.

The physical signs consist of fear of pins, and also involving pointed things. the illusion that will pointed objects will operate to their eyes. Sharp pain by means of the centre associated with left eyeball. Headaches with pain throughout left eyeball extending in order to vertex tend to be characteristic of this remedy. Desire to eat paper. worse lying on left side.

Dogs Milk

Dogs are usually possibly the earliest animals in order to happen in order to be domesticated, by incorporating prehistoric findings regarding human and also canine skeletons lying next to every other. some experts even believe that humanity had simply no yet the actual essential abilities regarding domesticating animals with such an early stage along with that will dogs made the choice to domesticate themselves also to stay closer to the human, for companionship and also being regarding assistance.

Dogs are unconditionally loyal for their human master. We possess mastered the actual genus with the dog, breeding all of them based on their own natural abilities for you to assist us in any variety of tasks, like as pets, manual dogs, racing dogs, guard dogs, sheep dogs, hunting dogs, as well as fighting dogs.

There may be significantly abuse in order to canines throughout general, both with a personal level, with individuals mistreating this animal as well as getting benefit of its loyalty, and also through genetic manipulation, using a lot distortion with their genetic codes, to the extent that a range of dogs are generally unable to discover in order to breathe properly.

Dogs have got mythical links towards the underworld as becoming a guardian plus healing it actually is historically associated with most the cult regarding Asclepius.

Lac Caninum

Spiritually people who want this remedy hold together with all of them a strong imprint regarding late humanity via spirit straight into make a difference and also with it an overwhelming sensation of shame.

This will be the milk remedy for individuals that have been raped inside childhood.

The Lac Caninum individual feels with rock bottom, getting suffered just about all sorts associated with abuse either physical, psychological or both, and has certainly not been in any position to remove themselves from which situation. Frequently that they start responsible on their own own for that abuse they've suffered, carrying the shame regarding past traumatic events, locating it hard to discuss it. normally these people have a distorted perception about their particular physique and also with regards to exactly what a wholesome sexual relationship ought to be, choosing to close by themselves instead so not to be damage again.

They get goals associated with snakes, as well as in general concern them. That They use a sensation of floating within the air when lying down throughout bed. Worry involving falling downstairs.

Physical symptoms:

Their physical symptoms involve throat chakra, their expression being blocked or perhaps distorted as well as their sacral chakra their own sexual energy along with creativity having been violated. their complaints begin usually from left facet in order to alter factors repeatedly.

Dolphins Milk

Lac Delphinum

Dolphins are extremely sociable aquatic mammals that constantly communicate amongst themselves. They Will possess a vocal wide array of sounds to express their particular emotions and in addition to warn the particular team regarding danger.

They tend to be each very playful and extremely sexual, often mixing each activities. Their Particular sociability extends to humans plus they will easily mix with humans, as well as happen in order to be recognized to aid these people when in trouble swimming, but they have in addition been known to attack and to pester these people pertaining to sex.

All your individuals within the school display a solid maternal instinct by simply undertaking the particular protection and also rearing up with the calves. Nursing could last provided 12 in order to 18 months. If 1 within the group is sick they will just take within turns to check after it, keeping him at the surface with regard to breathing, sometimes for several days until he both recovers as well as dies.

Dolphins use echolocation power as well as sonar, this energy releases endomorphine hormones that produce deep relaxation and also wellbeing, too as stimulating T cells to address infections. His Or Her just predator may become the shark and they take presctiption continuous alert and employ his or her sonar in order to find a shark approximately half a mile away.

Rubrics of this proving include an motion within the nervous system specially the synapses, sacral chakra clearing, connecting child and mum in the actual program of pregnancy, marketing lactation.

This remedy advantages circumstances where communication is impaired from a mental point regarding view, such such as autism, selective mutism, and also learning disabilities.

Individuals that do well in this Lac tend to be clairvoyant; possibly with a love of fun and play or having lost it, and are empathetic people who enjoy communicating with others.

Donkeys Milk

Lac Asinum

Donkeys tend to be with the horse loved ones and are among the earliest domesticated animals. they are connected using the underworld in the folklore, known for their strong sexuality, stupidity, docility, reliability as well as endurance.

In the particular proving the feeling regarding getting taken advantage of, getting developed a fool, a new calm feeling despite getting harassed, as well as indecision are generally prevalent.

Physical symptoms:

Tend being correct sided. There certainly tend to be a lot of the signs of imbalance in the astral body, with a lot wind, tingling, numbness, dizziness, any sensation involving getting drunk. Zero desire in order to eat, an atmosphere energized accompanied by extreme tiredness. Oedema with drinking water retention, problems urinating, excessive sweating. Again ache which is ameliorated by simply movement.

Elephants Milk

Lac Loxodonta Africana

No house, no meals are a typical theme. People who prosper about this remedy have a sense of homelessness, and also that will there isnt sufficient food. These People don't have got any boundaries. The Particular house like a unconscious symbol represents the actual physical body, upon feeling these people haven't any home, the individual will be less conscious of their physical body. Mixed with the notion in which there isnt adequate food, this could deliver the habit regarding overeating, and with it related disorders such as bulimia, diabetes, and also obesity, arising in the lack of feeling nurtured through the early years, and furthermore the lack of parental guidance inside the teenage years, actually his or her hunger is actually felt in cellular level.

There is truly a strong loved ones connection within their soul group, respect pertaining to their particular male elders wisdom, as well as their matriarchal society. Teenage male elephants who are orphaned are acknowledged for getting drunk in fermented banana juices and also to rampage into villages, destroying all issues in their particular wake.

There is actually rage and also rebellion against pre-established unquestioned values, everything wants to be uprooted, re-evaluated, but the person craves order, discipline as well as boundaries.

This is a remedy suitable for that remedy involving teenage gangs, paranoia, misunderstandings cause hurting or perhaps killing, homelessness, murder, brutality, insufficient food. In Addition pertaining to split character disorders, suicidal tendencies, along with depression.

Goats Milk

Lac Caprinum

This individual has a rampant sexuality that can have issues associated with confused gender identity such as homosexuality, trans sexuality, and also sexual promiscuity throughout general, although the majority of people will try to maintain vid secret to end up being able to not lose his or her status, or even in a quantity of cases will endeavour hard to suppress these urges only to possess the occasional outburst.

This resonates with all the Saturnalia festivals inside ancient Rome, where as quickly as annually all the values had been subverted, there were zero rules, as well as the slaves had been allowed to behave as kings, individuals were liberated to engage within their physical urges for example indiscriminate sex, binge drinking, and also excessive eating without virtually any further consequences or punishment.

It is not unusual pertaining to male goats, specially Billy goats to end up being able to undergo gender confusion, phantom pregnancies then lactation. In case well indicated by simply some other confirmatory symptoms, this could be the remedy pertaining to phantom pregnancies, and milk production without a real pregnancy pertaining to females, in addition pertaining to males sympathetic pregnancy symptoms.

Goats milk provides ten times much more fluorine compared to human milk, along with we could begin to determine the fluorine theme coming through this milk, with most the competition amongst this species, the must affirm their particular status, your need to climb via your complex hierarchy of the herd, whilst creating a feeling involving expansion, limitlessness, the impression that they could potentially get away along with anything.

There is really a contradiction with regards to safety, goats within the wild climb substantial on the mountain ledge to keep away from predators, especially wolves, even so the higher they go the more the likelihood of falling if pushed by an additional goat. Presently there can become a great offer of aggression, using each male as well as females constantly fighting in order to attain a greater position inside the group.

Physical symptoms:

Physical signs along with symptoms are generally left sided, with asking yourself and ascending pains within the bones, stitching as well as shooting pains, generally cold. Cold aggravates ailments via fright.

Horses Milk

The horse offers overcome its extremely own survival instinct and also naturel so as to become regarding help in order to human kind, bodily it has a fantastic energy also it can easily overcome its master, but its obedient, disciplined as well as docile nature bounds it for you to us.

Horses happen for you to be taken to war, becoming created to charge by means of battle fields inside bloody combats exactly where these folks were really likely to be harm as well as killed.

They have been produced to draw in your plough for you to farm territory until these people collapse through exhaustion; they've got pulled heavy carts regarding transportation, performed with demonstrate jumping; created to execute minute choreographed dance actions before a charging enraged bull in bullfighting shows; these people carry out high speed racing along with showjumping, almost all with regard to our amusement, to satisfy our greed, or with regard to our individual pride.

Lac Equinum

The psychological concerns are usually with regards to maintaining ones freedom whilst becoming associated with service for you to others.

There can easily be described as a reluctance inside using your lead, not really since that they not have the capability to be leaders however since they perception this would upset others.

They can go in order to fantastic lengths in order to be accepted through his or her community. Reluctant for you to disappoint, that they perform difficult with whatever profession these people choose, that they feel they can by absolutely no means do enough, they tend to be able to not be perfect adequate from the items they do, so that will they keep trying.

They are usually loyal individuals, as well as when frustrated they are much a lot more likely to adopt their own frustration inwards then to turn against others.

Their pent up energy, also but not just their own sexual energy, if thwarted can easily result in all sorts involving pathology.

Physical ailments contain diseases of the nervous system, the actual reproductive system, coronary heart pathology, along with allergies.

Lioness Milk

Lac Leoninum

The Lion may be considered the actual king with the animals, nevertheless it may end up being the lioness who guidelines the pride. These People have been in fact a matriarchal society, using a fairly big group associated with females carrying out your day-to-day run of the pride, undertaking hunting and also the rearing of the cubs.

The lion has got the energy status; its function is always to protect your group from the advances of some other adult males who make an effort to infiltrate inside the group, and to mate. The Actual rearing with the cubs is undertaken simply by some of the females in the pride indiscriminately, with the cubs breastfeeding about any kind of lactating female that happens being offered by the particular time.

Whenever a new lion is defeated by simply another male, he could be possibly killed or cast out with the pride, as well as the new ruler kills all of the active cubs, and mates effortlessly your lionesses in order to ensure his progeny.

Whenever the lion with the pride is actually challenged by another male it is a extremely stressful and uncertain occasion for your females, and it is apparent the active ruler might lose your fight, they are generally heading to commence hiding their cubs inside the vain hope which they is not really likely to be located from the new ruler, nevertheless they tend to be invariably sniffed out along with killed. This killings not only insure which there is going to be no offspring in the prior lion to challenge the actual newcomer, however also, to prevent the actual females lactating to ensure that that they then grow to be instantly directly into heat and also designed for mating.

Rubrics upon this proving are usually problems with authority, women sensation they must work too hard, that there will be certainly lack of stability in job share with almost all the men in their lives. Theft, irritability, an unconscious felling involving being naked as well as over exposed. Folks who require this remedy may oscillate between becoming dictatorial, as well as permitting others to take good thing about them. That can always be a good remedy with regard to females empowering one another in a group.

At a physical level it is a remedy to consider for cystitis brought in by simply sex.

Wolves Milk

Wolves form near knit communities that are matriarchal. These People provide an organized hierarchal composition where each and every member has its function and is aware of its rank. Simply the particular alpha female will be supposed to have offspring and when every other female in the team breeds they're typically cast off the actual pack and also left to be able to disappear and in addition to try to form yet another pack. Elderly as well as sick members are extremely well taken treatment of through the others, as well as the pack is certainly not going to abandon the frail wolf unless inside extreme danger to themselves, usually getting your injured or perhaps old wolf itself which chooses to leave the particular pack to become able to be able to heal or die alone.

Wolves possess with regard to a huge assortment of years becoming put through a concerted propaganda against them, that is responsible for concern and also resentment amongst individuals and has resulted in near extermination involving their particular species.

In fact wolves tend to aid keep far from humans, these people dont attack them, when hunting these people prefer to consider prey that is currently injured as well as weak.

Even inside the tale in the little Red Riding Hood and the Huge bad Wolf, where the wolf will be portrayed as an awfully canning creature the innocent little girl on your own inside the forest must avoid, your wolf could have eaten the girl right there after they meet, but instead he talks nicely to the girl then should go and also will take the old along with frail granny who had been sick and also possibly after the girl life. Even then he doesnt actually kill her, as the woodcutter his able to cut the wolf open up and rescue the old lady, the only person who is actually butchered is the wolf.

Lac Lupinum

Concerned concerning children. Sensation trapped and also in which there's not the way out. Desires regarding fences, enclosures along with tunnels. feeling unprotected, getting zero boundaries. Likes getting risks, and it is fascinated together with fire. Likes colour and music. They Will possess this kind of strong link using their friends at a mental as well as psychological degree that they can be telepathic. These People dream involving meteorites. They Will enjoy speed along with fast cars. These People like spicy food although this may usually upset their own digestive system.


Unlike the particular mammals exactly where milks are usually produced by the female, inside the birds the particular milk production can be undertaken by both each parents as inside the case of the pigeons and furthermore the flamingos as well as just from the male as with the emperor penguins.

There is also a quality of sacrifice involved in the birds milk, with all the adult which generates your milk going either by means of any period of time associated with fasting such as the pigeons as well as the emperor penguins or perhaps within the case in the flamingos whose secretion contains some of their own white along with red blood cells also as body fat along with protein.

The secretion originates in the digestive tract, both within the oesophagus or even the in the crop, it is associated using the Solar Plexus, along with willpower. This can become a thick secretion similar in consistence to cottage cheese plus it includes a higher content material of each excess fat along with protein, revealing a physical want for your chick to develop quickly, and a require for that strengthening in the astral forces.


In the truth in the pigeons there's crop milk, produced by simply secretion glands within the crop associated with each parents. They Will can begin secreting this substance a couple of times ahead of the eggs hatch, and therefore they tend to avoid eating, so that their own milk doesntt find contaminated by simply seeds that could be impossible for their freshly hatched chicks to become able to digest. This crop milk is a thick yellowish substance that contains a fantastic deal much more fat along with protein than the typical mammals milk, and offers every one involving the nutrients required for that chicks inside their very first two weeks.


The flamingos also feed their own chicks using a comparable substance for your 1st two months until they develop his or her specialised filter feeding system. These People however dont possess a crop, thus their particular secretion will be produced within the upper digestive tract. Throughout comparison for you to pigeons milk, theirs contains much more fat and less protein, also as white and also red blood cells.

Emperor Penguins

An explanation for the unconventional breathing behaviour of the Emperor Penguins with the male becoming the one that entirely provides the warmth for the incubating egg, is often that inside the harsh environment with the Antarctica along with really low temperatures the actual expenditure of energy required for the female to always be able to form as well as lay your egg is indeed great that they wouldnt always be able to create adequate warmth for that incubating of the egg.

She barely provides adequate energy traveling the cross country back again to be able to fishing grounds pertaining to feeding, prior to the girl returns with time for your hatching also to carry meals for the new chick.

The male fasts and also appears for 2 several weeks as they incubates the single egg upon his feet. once your chick hatches the particular male could create any milky substance secreted about his oesophagus to secure the actual chick to get a number of times when they await female to return.

Myth as Milk

Myth is finished . that feeds the particular collective consciousness. Within an simple method it may end up being the milk regarding humanity, the primordial meals that will lays the foundations with regard to its development providing us any collective identity where the individual is not lost however knows his origins and his role throughout society.

Myths feed us by supplying the muse that later will possibly be used in actually growing chains of communication as we develop, mature and consolidate our role within society.

Sphinx Milk:

Half animal half human, she may always be the hyperlink between our animal and human natures. The Particular option associated with animal, a new lioness helps make the girl the particular earthly precursor towards the Leo forces within the Solar Logos. Man requirements 1st to end up being able to realize himself, hence the actual riddle that will Oedipus as the representant involving humanity must answer. That Will a much better solution for you to this riddle can be Man will be significant. It acts as one held from the Sphinx from Oedipus, will he always be capable of recognise himself in it or even not? Which will win this match involving the Moon forces represented by the animal 1 / two of the Sphinx and the silvery/ mirror process, or perhaps Oedipus via reason, ego organization, and solar logos? While Oedipus solves the actual riddle, the mirror will be shattered, the actual Sphinx commits suicide, the animal nature will no longer requirements to become section of humanity, as well as the Leo forces could be totally activated.

The knowing thy self, as the riddle posed by the Sphinx to Oedipus can be reflected within Lac Humanum: what features four legs within the morning, a pair of legs with midday and three legs within the evening? a better solution becoming the particular human.

The Sphinx stood a female human head, a torso along with breasts along together with a lions lower body, reflecting the human aspects of the particular individualised ego via the impulses in the Leo / Sun forces, having to balance animal requirements such as feeding as well as reproduction in the lion using the divine aspects of your solar logos.

Destroying, taking apart in order to understand, or shall we refer for you to it as de-constructing?

In the particular myth involving Oedipus and the Sphinx, there are various layers associated with consciousness, in the root of these all; it will always be the human being, anchored through individuals various layers deeply straight into being. This will be a lot a lot more than exactly the incarnation and furthermore the grounding associated with humanity in Earth, it will always be the entire construction regarding coming in to becoming coming from divinity directly into humanity, encompassing all of the various levels of the being within cosmos, it may end up being the entire biography associated with existence becoming relayed through the actual Sphinx unto a person's being. You could find spiritual layers, mental layers, as well as astral layers, in support of as soon as these are already anchored would they get in order to the etheric and also physical levels, when this is achieved there's no more want for that Sphinx being.

In the actual Greek myth the Sphinx is the guardian of the metropolis until Man features reached autonomy, until he has anchored its very own divinity and is responsible for his actions, since it will be personified simply by Oedipus, who answers the actual riddle properly unlocking the mysteries regarding becoming human to then fall with what appears an inexorable twist regarding destiny as opposed to an act involving free will.

But in this myth there may additionally be animalistic aspects the becoming must type in on turning out for you to be human. Oedipus, about getting allowed within his residence city, as well as hailed any hero pertaining to getting answered the riddle along with freed the people from your Sphinx, can be crowned king generating to become able to marry unknowingly his own mother using whom he then offers children. The Actual metropolis represents the human genetic pool.

The Miasm

If throughout Lac Humanum we discover warning signs of the actual Psoric miasm, your fall from grace into earthly incarnation and having to learn your new boundaries, hence your skin diseases that are existing within the proving, as well as the survival issues with regards to caring or just being cared for, Throughout Lac Sphinx we discover the syphilitic miasm.

After the actual anabolic arrives your catabolic process, 1st we have the creative, generative forces involving coming directly into being, then the actual destruction of all of the mental as well as mental boundaries.

From the actual immense constructs of data about the origins of humanity, from your divine impulsive regarding creativity for you to coming directly into being, effortlessly your cosmic impulses as a lot as its incarnation about earth, just about all will be anchored directly into humanitys unconscious, only to become de-constructed again.

The syphilitic miasm can be expressed through the Sphinx which kills all people who dont recognize their particular divine origin, as well as that then kills herself once the actual riddle is actually solved through Oedipus as well as your ex existence is manufactured redundant.

In order for you to anchor this much more deeply a quantity of codes as well as programming had been used.

There had been links towards the indiscriminate copulation regarding Lemuria when humans remained as creating his or her sacral chakra and also knew neither sexual constraints nor taboos about mating along with their really own family members members. From now nonetheless this occurred unknown for you to both Oedipus and the mother Jocasta. In this period, the actual Greco-Roman sub-race when humanity ended up being understanding how to further incarnate to their physical body, ignorance is will no longer excusable, and sex had turn out to be linked using the fear of committing incest and involving being punished from the gods. before this period, these boundaries hadn't been firmly anchored inside humanity. Pertaining To example once we look at the Egyptian cosmology along with mythology, incest is actually a constant and it is not really thought to be able to be a sin however as a new means to maintain a blood lineage pure and totally free from your taint associated with outsiders also to preserve the divine powers imbued inside them, such since the Pharaonic dynasties.

In the actual Greek tragedy the sole one who is aware of concerning the incest will be Tiresias your blind smart man. The idea is significant in which inside the end, once Oedipus finds out about his private history and the crime committed, he also chooses to end up being able to blind himself. Knowing can be deeper as compared to seeing, to be able to recognize can be to not see. the physical eyes hinder the spiritual knowledge.

The sphinx includes a womans head and a lions body, symbolises the particular union with the constellations regarding Leo and Virgo. Inside great Britain Virgo was worshiped since the fertility goddess, referred for you to as Your Lady who rules The Particular Lion, earlier within Egypt your woman initially represented your fertility Bast-Hathor along with later transmuted directly into Sekhmet, the Lion goddess involving excellent power, your daughter regarding Ra the particular Sun.

Virgo has always been related with fertility, and the lion using protection, the particular Sphinx getting a new symbol regarding protection in our genetic codes.

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Types of Ring Guards for Loose Rings

Rings are generally worn as becoming a trend accessory by simply each men along with women. some rings are usually worn occasionally, but some, such as wedding rings, tend to be worn as being a signal of your longtime commitment. In the particular event that it can be a family members heirloom, handed down from generation for you to generation, it holds fantastic sentimental worth besides its economic worth. Anyone may want to use such rings daily simply to relish the actual a feeling of value as well as owned by the loved ones.

However, over any time period of time, the particular metal band of one's ring may don thin due to the friction involving the band as well as the skin. The Particular chances of the actual ring slipping off your own finger increases since it starts to loosen up and also induces the actual concern within you associated with losing the particular precious ring.

A new ring can't substitute a new priceless heirloom. The ring guard will come to your rescue to help increase the danger for ring fit the finger. Ring guards may be bought in stores or even produced with home. This kind of is an inexpensive approach to put on your own thinning, favorite rings, thus helping the lifespan of one's diamond, gold, silver, or platinum rings. Next are the distinct types of ring guards.

Description: This is truly a metal strip together with prongs to secure it for the ring. Your guard is put inside your ring, that rests on the underside of one's hand. The Particular prongs may be folded round the ring band with the assistance of flat-nose pliers used to secure the particular guard. For You To modify the size, your guard can be tightened and also loosened, accordingly, simply by relocating your prongs closer and apart.

Color and size: These People come in white along with yellow gold and are obtainable in small, medium, large, and jumbo sizes to fit your ring band size.

Description: These kinds of plastic crescent-shaped guards tend to be simple to use when you just have to put the ring band in the guard. place the actual slit with the guard inside the middle hole with the ring with most the convex side, which faces the actual ring band. Push your ring band within the guard. Wearing your ring will secure the particular guard for the ring. Your guard can be removable with an straightforward peel of the guard in the ring.

Color as well as size: They Will are generally crescent-shaped and therefore are usually obtainable in colors which possess a shut resemblance in order to one's skin tone; therefore, which makes them invisible.

Description: Rather compared to cutting the ring band for resizing, ask your jeweler to include metal beads to your ring band which might be soldered inside it.

Color and size: Your size of the actual beads will decide the actual fit of your ring. Your beads are easily removable. the colour could constitute your own choice.

Description: Yet Another inexpensive along with straightforward way to resize your own ring is to help to make use of the plastic as well as rubber ring guard. These guards tend to be obtainable in stores; however, you probably can make one at home using plastic or rubber tubes. Cut a bendable tube, roughly the actual size of half of the ring band. Slit 1 side in the tube via one finish to any different inside length. Push your ring band through in which slit to become able to download covet fashion hack tool secure your guard around the ring. Whenever you use it, maintain the open up ends with the tube outwards. Your strain of your finger will desist the actual guard via sliding off.

Color and size: they are available in numerous colors as well as sizes of one's choice.

Description: A New liquid silicon ring guard answer helps a person adjust the in shape according to the required size. The Particular tubed remedy may be applied on the inner side of the ring band along with left for you to dry pertaining to 24 hours. In case your ring nevertheless doesn't fit, repeat the particular process. In Order To take away the liquid guard, you just need to peel it well your ring.

Color and size: The Actual liquid guard is actually semi-transparent which can make it nearly invisible.

Description: The Particular cheapest ring guard can always be produced using a string or possibly a rubber band that you simply will find in home. Cover a new string or even yarn round the ring band which usually hides beneath your fingers. In case you would like to help make use of a new rubber band, you first must cut it in 1 end, and also then, cover it across the ring. Following tying enough string as well as rubber band, tie the knot with the two ends of the string as well as rubber band to secure it.

Color as well as size: Colors could constitute the option and in addition the size depends upon an individual's fingers.

If anyone covet your current collection associated with rings which are a misfit now, you've Buzzle's guidelines upon ring guards with your own disposal, to assist a person preserve and also wear the prized possessions with out to shop about for a fresh ring. Currently in which you're effective adequate to create a ring guard, you can give your own normal jeweler the operate regarding his money. Women, this is a verified way of winning your own spouses affection!

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